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Alpha Asbestos Abatement, Inc.( AAAI) is an asbestos, lead and mold service company. AAAI's owner has over 40 years of personal experience in the asbestos removal industry. He began by working for one of the pioneers in the asbestos abatement industry before establishing AAAI in 1989.

The Environmental Protection agency (EPA) established the first set of regulations banning the manufacture of asbestos products in 1973 for the public sector and in 1978 banned the installation of asbestos products for the public sector only. The private sector, to this date, is still exempt from manufacturing of asbestos products.The generic word is asbestos for the six minerals which are Chrysotile, Crocidolite, Tremolite, Anctinolite, Amosite, Anthophyllite (all are a class a non carcinogen).The most common mineral used in the USA is Chrysotile and Vermiculite (contaminated with Tremolite). Home retailers and suppliers can still sell asbestos products to homeowners today under these names. Each State began establishing their own regulations and local cities and towns also incorporated guidelines. The state of New Hampshire (NH) implemented asbestos regulations/rules and licensing requirements in 1987. Alpha's  Original Asbestos Supervisor Certificate #000004 for AAAI's President is current of today and is the lowest active certificate number in the state of NH. AAAi's President Inspector Certificate number I-00018, Asbestos Disposal Site (ADS) Certification #00011 )(numbers 1-10 reserved for the state). AAAI's ADS License #000001. AAAI and President also licensed in other states including California and Florida..   

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Shortly after being established (1989) AAAI was hired to work on an International level for the US Government with projects in Guam, Hawaii,

 Mahe Seychelles(Indian Ocean), Thule Greenland, and at local sites in California and in New Boston, New Hampshire

In 1989, AAAI also established and environmental service company called Alpha Environmental Services (AES) to perform the necessary asbestos inspections for the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) as well as Renovation/Demolition required inspections. This area of expertise is one that we are very proud as it gives us the ability to learn as we teach our clients about the history of their buildings.

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