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This Picture Illustrates a Glovebag Removal


We have set our priorities on protecting the environment. We work hard to educate our customers so they can make an informed decision rather than guessing, or making a decision based on price alone. AAAI removes, encases or encapsulates the asbestos on a case-base-case basis. Normally the most cost effective option is removal.

Lead is a different situation.  We know that the environment (property) cannot be made lead free , but you can make it lead safe. Asbestos and lead are topics that require a one-on-one education between the consumer and a qualified Asbestos and Lead expert. Please use our contact us page or send us any comments and questions.


This Picture Illustrates a Pipe Insulation Inspection



AES's focus is on the Environment first and foremost. AES performs asbestos inspections in many forms such as:

  • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Compliance.

  • Renovation and Demolition compliance for the absence of asbestos (remembering"a material is positive for containing asbestos until it is proven negative" per regulatory requirements).

  • Report Writing, Site Safety and Contingeny Plans (SSCP's), Site Characterizations (identifying asbestos on buried sites (Asbestos Disposal Sites (ADS), Site Assessments, Indoor Air Quality and sampling asbestos inspections. These projects are not a conflict of interest as all samples get analyzed by a third party independent labatory. These samples are analyzed and given back to AES by the laboratory so that a report can be generated.

  • Oil Tanks (Fuel Tanks and Underground Storage Tanks (UST)). We also offer preparation and removal of UST's, Soil Sample Testing is included with the removal. The Soil Sample analysis is performed by a third party independent Laboratory.

Alpha Cleaning Services (ACS)

ACS is focused on Building and Maintenance. ACS performs different aspects of cleaning such as:

  •  High Pressure Steam Cleaning equipment with 2,500 PSI (Steam System) and 5,000 PSI (Cold System)

  • Building Restoration Operations

  • Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, sanding and salting

  • Vehicle Pressure Washing, Degreasing and Cleaning

  • Lead Hazard Reduction

We Take Pride in the Quality of Our Work and the Maintenance of Our Equipment

This Picture Illustrates a High Pressure Steam CleaningOperation

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